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Zecora's Mountain
Another week, another Banjo Kazooie YTPMV This one was kind of a bitch to make, since I had to tab the whole thing first. Also the visuals aren't the most stunning you'll ever see, but at least they change with every verse, that's something amirite? Here's the tab: http://www.mediafire.com/?khcmb3b25xum4b3 Also poll, NEXT BK SONG: +Treasure Trove Cove +Clanker's Cavern +Other (lol) Anyway, that would be all, enjoy!!
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Slippery Trot
This week you get some Crash Bandicoot. BTW, I'm sticking to a new policy: Video a week. Expect a new upload every week! This was going to be all about tampering with some effects, but I am frankly surprised of the result, those visuals turned out better than I had imagined. Anyhoof, enjoy!
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Billy's Blues
Fetus = Betus Filly = Billy GENIUS I guess this means I'm back -yay- no BGM
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Pinkie Pie attempts a time compression
Headphones for best experience. Pinkie has finally had it and intends to break something more than the fourth wall this time, will she succeed? ══════════════ღ☃ღ══════════════ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ Repost this if ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ you are a beautiful strong ytpmv ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ who don't need no bgm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ══════════════ღ☃ღ══════════════
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These samples changed my life!
A homage to the samples that changed my life forever
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Pon de Welcome
This came into my mind the very second I watched this. Yes, I'm uploading shit videos here again, I don't care anymore. I'll make a looping version if enough people ask me to. All in all I think the episode wasn't that great: really predictable, Twilight sounded weird and it wasn't all that engaging. This is the only good part it, IMO.
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Fun 'n' Parties!
The song is "Fun 'n Games" from Banjo Tooie. First things first, this video was made for My Cute Little Pony! I don't think I could have brought myself to do something like this otherwise. ily, cutie! Fun Facts: - No BGM - No Melodyne or anything similar - I can't sentence mix for shit - That joke at the end was ripped off straight from Krobo, sorry about that Enjoy!
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Applied Pitch Shifting
Response to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3QMlu3T7k8
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Pinkie's mailbox is full of... well, most naturally
Hast thou no shame? Well, apparently.
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TCMV (Teenage Cadence Music Video) [Pony Dub]
For Tyler!!! Yeah, I actually worked somewhat hard on this. GO AWAY if this is not your kind of thing, thanks! Song name is "Salt in the Wound" by Pendulum
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Round 2 of a Probably-Gonna-Last-Only-Two-Rounds match with jab. Minka is best monkey! No BGM, I just decided to leave the perc samples out of the visuals. The song is suckme by Renard.
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Pyro's mind is full of... OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK!!!
WHY WOULD YOU UPLOAD THIS, FLOWERZINC?! IT'S DISGUSTING!!! I sense pitchforks and torches approaching...
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Answer to any and every question related to this video: I honestly have no idea.
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My opinion on the leaked LPS episode
And yes, Pepper Clark freaking rocks. I'm also glad there are no cats in there. Cats are so fucking overrated...
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Crash Terrio - Stream Level Bonus
About time I put something out. You're welcome to bitch about the source as much as you want. The song is the bonus theme from the stream levels in Crash Bandicoot 2. No BGM, no Melodyne, blah, blah.... I like to call this video an MLPSMV.
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My reaction to the season finale
I just don't know
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Little-last Battle [4th place] [LPSMV]
No BGM. I finished last in our race but it was totally worth it. Song is Last Battle from Cave Story. Source is Littlest Pet Shop, which will premier right after season 3.
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