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Is jacoje fine jewelry legit??
Purchase, authentication, recommendation. I do not have any affiliation with Braden or jacoje.
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Sarraf gold chain purchase unboxing and validation
Unboxing purchase and a few comments on authenticity. 4mm rope
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AMCO LOF Disc running in stump unbroken ground for food plots (1 of 4)
3 year old cut over that was forestry mulched to grade. Stumps 6 to 15 inches, some bigger. I searched all over to find am implement that could convert my ground to workable without a dozer or 30k invested. Thank you Amco.
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Which casual or dress boots to buy? Thursday Boots worth the money?
Thursday boots review. They sell both mens and women's boots, check them out, highly recommended!!
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Why you should not buy or wear a fake gold chain.
Id rather see you spend your hard earned money on a smaller real gold chain than plated, gf, or any other garbage. Stick with 14k or higher and you will be better off in the long run.
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Budget long range rifle that can shoot with the best?
Custom 300 win mag created by Red Hawk Rifles. Show that to your deer hunting buddies.
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How to carry glock
Stealthgear. Try one!!
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Glock 43 vs Sig Sauer p938, which one??
Side by side, which one should you buy?
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Massey Ferguson 5611 unofficial  commercial
Quick run, better version later. AGCO/MF does not endorse, I simply buy and enjoy their products. Enjoy!!
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Massey Ferguson 5600 5611 review
2015 massey ferguson 5611 review
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Dress shoe review cole hann magnanni johnston and murphy
Shoe review and preview
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High quality leather jacket for best price, Overland
Top notch company delivering highest quality goods for a fair price, smart money recommends Overland. Memphis jacket.
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Subscriber request gold update and cleaning
Gold update and how I clean my gold.
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Fake or Real Gold? Should you file your gold chain and have it tested?
I recommend you do, here is why...
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Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 Blue Dial
Smart money high end watch recommendation
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Best Swiss movement dress or casual watch under $1000? Hamilton watches?
Watch review on Hamilton watches.
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Bueno Hair product review
Best shampoo for men
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Zamberlan waterproof boot
Top tier company selling a great product.
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Million Dollar Suit, Easy Price, Oliver Wicks
Oliver Wicks suit unveiling. Great quality for price, makes suit buying easy. Fit was absolutely perfect!!! Wow!!
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Smart money snow ski equipment
Ski the best, with less cost.
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Spyderco to Shirogorov
EDC or Collection knives and where to buy cutlery shoppe recon 1
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