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Worth it? Thursday Boots VS YSL Boots || Men's Fashion || Gent's Lounge

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Worth it? Thursday Boots VS YSL Boots || Men's Fashion Check out the Boots: YSL: http://bit.ly/2zP8K66 Thursday: http://bit.ly/2nMFF14 _____________________________________________________ Connect with us: Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/1LjQ0ZZ Follow George on instagram - http://bit.ly/atlsNmsn Follow Blake on instagram - http://bit.ly/blksctt_ Join our Community - Chat with us : http://bit.ly/1rS55px Shop Gent's Lounge Products: http://bit.ly/1yGQ1zR Business inquiries: [email protected] -GL
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Text Comments (179)
KE C (11 days ago)
Gent's Lounge (11 days ago)
Maurice Jones (16 days ago)
What kind of hat is that pleaseeee??
Gent's Lounge (13 days ago)
Yellow 108.
Michael Dodd (19 days ago)
I justify a purchase by how much I'll wear it. If you spend $500 on a pair of boots, and you wear them 50 times, they only cost $10 each time you wear them.
Gent's Lounge (19 days ago)
Cost per wear!
josh aguilar (20 days ago)
Ysl obviously doesnt put 1000 dollars worth of suede in their shoes. Even if the ysl was super insane high quality of course it wouldnt be worth the 1k. People dont pay 1k for quality they pay 1k for exclusivity.
jamshid farahyar (1 month ago)
Kind of apples and oranges with two different boots with two different price points. SLP put out a lace-up boot that Beckham wore and it was way better than both of these boots. Magic Fox has it is on his channel. There is a Bottega Veneta lace-up boot that was out that is a lot better designed as well. I would confidently say they are 5 times better than those blue boots.
Josh Chen (2 months ago)
Have you guys reviewed Thursday boots vanguard? Thought about getting seeing as how they’re made in USA using horween leather.
kevin tai (2 months ago)
close your mouth
Rev. James C (2 months ago)
Well, you got royally ripped off by YSL. How - HOW, HOW, HOW!? - can a person pay $1000 for a pair of boots that are, one, UGLY, and TWO, blake stitched with a FAUX welt!? Sad, sad news. If you are going to pay that much, why not opt for something by a quality boot maker, like Alden, Crockett & Jones, Church’s, etc? You would probably pay much less than what you paid for that cheap tat. So yeah, the Thursday Boots are going to seem like a great deal by comparison. How about comparing real quality suede boots with Thursday boots? For example, how about comparing the ‘Chiltern’ by Crockett & Jones or the ‘Ryder’ by Church’s? I’m sure there are a number of American brands that I am not too familiar with. I will leave that to others.
M A (3 months ago)
At the $200 price point there are plenty of options and it is very competitive Jack Erwin, Beckett Simonon,Taft (which Thursday models most of their boots after, and all of these companies use suede water protection so that’s a given).Also, a good year welt is not the best type of welt. A Blake stitch is just as good. The biggest criticism of Thursday is their cork sole which wear out very quickly.
Hassan Wasim (4 months ago)
wow i cant believe you guys just did this comparison...its like Bentley vs corolla....def a paid video.
Gent's Lounge (4 months ago)
ripo789 (4 months ago)
The leather is stiffer and uncomfortable because you haven’t worn them in. It’s not a lack of quality on their behalf, it’s a lack of wear on your behalf.
zakariah hussain (4 months ago)
Why would yall compare two different kind of boots though. They aint even the same. You shouldve compate those Saint Laurent boots with some chelsea suede boots not those blue ones you had.. It made 0 since
Douglas Daher (4 months ago)
they are comparing apples and oranges
Luca Trippitelli (4 months ago)
OMG this people in the video don't know shit about shoes.
Gent's Lounge (4 months ago)
rob anchorguy (4 months ago)
U grow your channel by content Don't be begging
Chris Hamilton (5 months ago)
Blue suede!!!
Jeremy N (5 months ago)
the thursday boots looks like a pair of timberland boots. Us skinny guys find it hard to wear big boots with skinny jeans.
ANGELO54 (5 months ago)
I"m expensive, always YSL. Thas is glamour, sofistication.
Chris Hamilton (6 months ago)
That blue boot is sick!
Bleach Latte (6 months ago)
YSL makes beautiful boots! You can’t compare Thursday boots with YSL
Lewis Champion (6 months ago)
First thing I thought guys like 30secs in is that your doing a comparison video on two 'completely different types of boot, and that's despite the price??
Tommy Nguyen (7 months ago)
is it because he didn't get the right size on the YSL or the leather isn't broken in? i had red wing boots that would take months to break in but they are comfy as hell after!
Miguel Angel Valdovinos (7 months ago)
I feel like they walked into the office wearing their boots and took them off to record the video. Their outfits are too on point with their respective boot.
Biff Henderson (7 months ago)
That heel on the YSL is a no go. Unless you're into cowboy boots. Very similar. I have more high ends boots than anyone I know and wouldn't pay even $200 for those.
Miguel Sanchez (7 months ago)
the YSL boots look like woman boots and at $1000 no thanks
Tigreal Estes (7 months ago)
How many people here actually have YSL boots? Please don't compare them if you've never had a pair.
Gent's Lounge (7 months ago)
They are in the video...?
Rahul G (8 months ago)
What hat are you wearing? I love it
TheTrueGreatOne (9 months ago)
These boots aren't even in the same leauge and they would never been worn with the same outfit. The comparison is unreasonable.
TheTrueGreatOne (9 months ago)
Gent's Lounge Drop a video.
Gent's Lounge (9 months ago)
I could easily wear these boots with the same outfit. -G
Samie Tran (9 months ago)
Paying for YSL pricetag is not only for the quality itself but also the design and the brand name. That's why when you say YSL boots, people know wassup. If you go for a casual everyday boots then I dont think only Thursday is good, there are bunch of other brands which are also good too. It's simple, you wear YSL boots, people recognise them. For Thursday boots, people will just be ... okay they are boots. and don't be biased here, you wear leather/suede boots like 5 times and expect things to go right? Gotta break in to let the boots and your feet to form as one. Other than that, you're wearing the wrong size. YSL boots have the best feeling on feet out there.
eibar (9 months ago)
Thurdays are durable and are everyday use.. casual weekday night or a all day event on the weeknd. Ive traveled with Thursdays Chelsea boots and are very comfortable. I paid under 300 but I apply the "how many uses can I get out of this investment method" Thursdays really do the job, I was on the fence on buying YSL black Chelseas but now after this review and I seen the bottom of the sole I do not want to anymore. Do you guys suggest a brand I can look into for black Chelsea boots?
Alex Seto (6 months ago)
Hey just wondering when you first wore your thursday chelsea boots did your feet hurt a lot? Because I heard it takes quite some time to break in the cork footbed in order for the boot to start feeling very comfortable
Raul J (9 months ago)
thursday boots are for basic bitches
Blade Running since 1989 (4 months ago)
Raul J I suppose I'm a basic bitch then, pity for me 🙁
Lord Sathanus (9 months ago)
Dude dump that silly hat. Looks like youre about to manage a cornfield.
WanderinHawk (9 months ago)
Never had comfort issues with my chelseas or jodhpurs from SLP. What's the point of this video though? Those boots are completely different from each other and fulfill different styles. You should compare YSL vs carmina, bottega veneta, common projects, balenciaga. And thursdays' vs red wings, vibergs, wolverines
Adam (9 months ago)
I have 4 pairs of the YSL Jodhpur boots. You're comparing apples to oranges here.
Thang Nguyen (9 months ago)
YSL is not worth $1000, I've owned a pair too. It looks super nice, material is amazing but construction is kind of bad. It's not comfortable at all. Also YSL is a luxury fashion brand, not shoes maker so don't expect John Lobb quality here. Speaking of John Lobb they have Jodhpurs too if you have $1700
Rick Amin (9 months ago)
I like Thursday boots, I have their Honey suede Chelsea boots, and I love them. Love the hat BTW!!!
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
So glad you love your Thursdays! :)
Melancholy (10 months ago)
Thursday are built like trash. Put your money elsewhere. SeF would be a fairer comparison.
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
I'm sorry if you had a bad experience with your Thursdays. We'd love if you reach out to us at [email protected] to see if there is any way we can help. We'd really like to hear your feedback!
Andre VR (10 months ago)
What a fucking ugly tattoo, shut your mouth you deepshit.
Gent's Lounge (10 months ago)
darrin hughes (10 months ago)
A thousand dollars?? It's too crazy even to laugh. Suckkkkkkkkkers is their Logo?
Anthony Johnson (10 months ago)
It's funny, I'm actually in the process of budgeting about the $1000 dollars for a purchase at Thursday Boots. That will get me 5 or even 6 pairs of the boots I'm looking at there. They have some nice Chukka's for $149. Yeah....6 pairs of boots compared to 1 pair from YSL? Kind of an easy call, here.
Danny (10 months ago)
I’ve had sexual relations with a shark
MRKWOK (10 months ago)
Question guys! Advise on jeans for men on their 30’s upgrading that side and wanted to know if ripped jeans should go?
Gent's Lounge (10 months ago)
Ray, It depends on how edgy your style is already. If you want to play it safe I recommend no rips and dark denim. -G
FriscoFlo (10 months ago)
“Alright guys”
Noah (10 months ago)
I own 5 pairs of SLP Boots (2 Wyatts, 2 Jodphurs and 1 Chelsea) and I just love them. I got them for 50% off, I wouldn’t pay full retail. In terms of aesthetic there are no alternatives in my opinion. They look better with wear and tear tho. Plus you have to add a slim rubber sole 🤘🏼
Joe Wu (8 months ago)
Raffael Noah where did you buy them ? Thanks
Thien An Duong Do (10 months ago)
RM Williams Chelsea Boots review maybe?
Thaddeus Cedillo (10 months ago)
@Gent's Lounge Where is the denim jacket from?
Gent's Lounge (10 months ago)
Hudson jeans. -G
David Nguyen (10 months ago)
Is it me or are they trying to promote for Thursday Boot? It’s like comparing apple to orange, not the same.
Gent's Lounge (10 months ago)
That's the point of the series. 2 totally different price points.
shelleyinthecity (10 months ago)
What were you thinking when you got that ugly tattoo on your arm?   You do realize tattoos are a permanent don't you?
Quan M Chu (10 months ago)
YSL is a fashion brand, not a shoes brand. You pay extra for the name and the design, not for the quality. For clothes, it can be understand, not for a pair of shoes that just look good and not actually good. Definitely not worth it. A bit of suggestion that if you compare two pairs of boots together, make sure it is the same style (especially when you mention the sole thickness)
TØP BLVD (3 months ago)
Yeah. I see ur point.
marksshoereviews (3 months ago)
TØP BLVD No one is questioning that it’s a quality shoe. I don’t have any experience with YSL but having seen Gucci and other designer brand shoes there is definitely a brand markup when compared with luxury shoemakers. I would have a hard time believing that the YSL are up there with John Lobb and Edward Green or even C&J handgrade in terms of price vs to quality. But you’re not just paying for the materials and man hours - designer brand companies spend far more on marketing and design.
TØP BLVD (3 months ago)
That's all False. YSL - Comes with quality, that's why the brand is expensive. You are paying for the quality you get lol....Because the quality is so great, that's why the name is expensive. They are using top notch material. Otherwise, they would be selling it for less. I have a lot of YSL boots and get many compliments. You can't compare cheap quality to top notch quality.
marksshoereviews (3 months ago)
Shoes made by fashion brands are always marked up by at least 100% in terms of what you can buy from a dedicated footwear company. You’re paying for the unique design, brand prestige and marketing. I prefer more conservative styles so have no interest in fashion brands but if that’s your thing knock yourself out.
Melancholy (9 months ago)
Quan M Chu that’s what bothered me, compare the same style of boot. Compare the Chelsea YSL and the Thursday Chelsea.
Steve Alvarado (10 months ago)
Ysl vs lucchese
Cole (10 months ago)
I'm not sure why you're comparing fashion boots and a more traditional utilitarian boot. It's obvious that the utilitarian boot will be more worth it than one that has a benefit of a unique style. I'm a fan of YSL and Thursday, but they satisfy two completely different areas of fashion. A fair comparison would be YSL to Balenciaga, or Gucci, and Thursday to Wolverine, or Red Wing. Also, don't forget to mention that at the end of every season, the boots from YSL can go upwards of 40-50% off.
Quentin Ng Hung Pak (10 months ago)
You're comparing two boots that are not even marketed towards the same kind of people. Of course if I had money to blow I'd get the YSL's (Implying I can only buy one out of the two), but if you were to talk about the average Joe, the type that has to think whether buying the YSL's are worth it, of course it's not going to be a worthy comparison, the Thursday boots will definitely win! But that's cool, if you got the mula might as well get both eh.
Smoothie (10 months ago)
Subscribed! keep up the good work.
George Gamboa (10 months ago)
David Coleman (10 months ago)
No one in Canada wears jeans top and bottom . Only bums .we call it the Canadian tuxedo . Lol
MannyManSD (10 months ago)
Those YSL’s look like chick boots bro. And boots do not need a break in period to be comfy. They should feel good right out of the box or else you shouldn’t buy them.
Quentin Ng Hung Pak (10 months ago)
Own both, can gladly say after my my YSL's broke in it was the second comfiest shoe I've ever worn, period. Slightly less comfier than the ultraboost. Just sleek mane, doesn't look feminine at all imo. Would look wonky as fuck for someone with a scrawny figure to rock 6 inch timbs anyway.
Luke Garagozlo (10 months ago)
you guys should mention that you're paying for the name. Quality only goes so far, then they charge a massive premium for having YSL's on your feet Same with the Guccis from the last video
Alex Garcia (10 months ago)
Bro what are thoseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (at the YSL boots)
Vannyvann (10 months ago)
Can you do a review on River Island Boots https://us.riverisland.com/p/brown-mixed-texture-leather-boots-303465
Nathan c (10 months ago)
I own 3 pairs of common projects chelseas those are a good balance between price vs quality/style
Zac Hodges (10 months ago)
Hey man I like you hat in your video what brand is that hat? Btw good video keep up the good work
Purple Swag (10 months ago)
YSL are probably more fashion, id rather an english brand.
Potato Sir (10 months ago)
Thursday boot leather and suede are piss poor quality, people never seem to mention it. Their "chrome leather" is cheap and will never age well.
Thursday Boot Company (7 months ago)
thanks for the feedback sir! I totally agree- we're working on a Jodphur now : )
HitRealm (7 months ago)
P.S. Your Waterproof suede is probably the best thing known to man.
HitRealm (7 months ago)
I agree! The one thing Thursday Boots is lacking at the moment is that more dress-up/trendy boot that is sleek, such as the YSL. Thursday Chelseas are nice, but the chunky leather sole kinda throws off certain possible looks with them (Don't get me wrong, still a beautiful boot). Perhaps a newer boot such as a jodhpur/zip/harness/chelsea but with a leather sleek sole? I feel this would help add diversity to the Thursday Boot current line-up.
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
Not sure where this information is coming from- we make our boots with world class manufacturing partners, the same people make boots for lucchese, wolverine, and red wing- literally side by side thursday boots. Similarly, our Thursday Chrome leather is actually very expensive compared to most leathers and ages well. 100% of our Thursday leather is sourced from Tier 1 USA cattle, top brands use our leather partner (Le Farc) and a veg tan/chrome re-tan is considered by most to be a high end product. I understand that we are a new brand and are an ecommerce business started on kickstarter....but just because we sell our product at a low mark up does not mean it is low quality. I am wearing my 3 year old Brown Captains right now!
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
glad you like them sir- really appreciate your endorsement and support!
Sunshine (10 months ago)
Is that a trible tattoo? Oh god
Msha Maxwell (9 months ago)
Small Boots Great isn’t it !
christopher olexovitch (10 months ago)
I have a pair of Taft camel Chelsea’s and they are so comfortable! And the suede is butter on them!! They have a very sleek design to them as well which is nice but I prefer a more rounded look on the toe, but with the right outfits they look amazing!! I have a pair of Thursday Chukka black leather boots and they are extremely comfortable and the build is top notch as well. Overall for looks and style and build I have to give it to Taft!! They’re boots are just so sleek and stylish right now. And they have a bunch of different designs too
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
So glad you love your Thursdays!
GeauxBassin (10 months ago)
Lol I mean obviously ya'll are going to push Thursday boots. You model for them and they pay you. I prefer redwings over everything. 10x better boot than thursday.
What is wrong with y’all the YSL should not even be in the league of Thursday
ey b0ss ✋ (9 months ago)
Unknown Definitely unknown pfft
Philippe BucherFSHN (10 months ago)
If I had the means I would definitely buy some YSL Chelseas (the black Leather just for styling and weather purposes) or their Combat Boots but c'mon 800 to 1000$ is just too much for me right now. I've been looking into Thursday Boots for a long time and their pricepoint seems pretty fair and as you mentioned I need a Boot to wear not a trophy.
MrInconspicuous (10 months ago)
If thursdays were $1,000 they'd be more worth it than YSL
Stupid7Visualist (10 months ago)
YSL’s ring boots for life tho👞
Steve Smith (10 months ago)
first you brought that 3 thousand dollar Tom Ford sports coat, now it's these YSL boots, SMDH!
Nicholas Cassadine (10 months ago)
Those Thursday boots are unoriginal. So many companies have boots with that same shape and style. You will look like every other style challenged guy out there too afraid to stand out. YSL boots rock! I ALWAYS get compliments from people when I wear YSL. If you aren't into the skinny jean look, stay away from YSL. You have to wear them more than 5 times to get accustomed to the hard sole/or maybe you got the wrong size. They did hurt my feet when I first started wearing these types of boots. The inner sole is tough...no padding. However, I paid lots of money for them and I wasn't gonna let that money go to waste. Disclaimer I own 6 pair of YSL boots and a bit of a YSL boot fanboy.
HitRealm (7 months ago)
Nik D What is sizing like on these? i hear TTs/big I wear 9.5 in Nike and 9 in Adidas, should I go 9 or 8.5 in YSL?
Nik D (10 months ago)
Nicholas Cassadine you're not the only one man. Wasn't really expecting the crowd here to like it since everyone here seems too obsessed with price to quality ratio.
James M (10 months ago)
I normally purchase Magnanni or To boot NY but Thursday Boots are awesome and very well made. Already have bought 5 pairs and for boots won't look at anything else. Hope they make casual/dress shoes one day
That CarGuy (10 months ago)
Thursday is an amazing brand at a great price, I'd go with them over most other companies honestly.
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
Looking forward to having you a part of the Team!
Danbo_de_Piano_Part_Deux (10 months ago)
Both are cool, if someone can afford either , then which ever one likes most is fine and likely worth it to them, there are guys so wealthy that dropping over a grand on a pair is like buying a chicken mcnugget 20 pc, just not a big part of their world or overall $$ picture , to them or celebreties that get them for free from the brands to wear and promote them its like when i dropped less than 7 bucks on my latest pair of boots. Just a pair a boots and and not a ton of thought needs to go into it,...do they fit, are they comfortable , do I like the look and color. Done. I love my grey suede alfani [Macy's house brand ] chuckas, got them used for 5.99+tax at a second hand shop , super comfy , cushy rubber sole, attractive design.
David M. Spence (10 months ago)
1K more to go to hit that goal, boys! Keep grindin! Those Thursday boots are beauties!
stevenjm12 (10 months ago)
those YSLs for the gays and the females
stevenjm12 (10 months ago)
Presley Luis damn you salty Bruh?
Presley Luis (10 months ago)
stevenjm12 you're a fucking idiot
Zenzuken (10 months ago)
A trophy piece that hurts every time you wear them doesn't sound like a very good trophy. Even if I could justify the price, I'd pass.
thatgiant (4 months ago)
They hurt because he hasn’t broken them in. It takes more than 5 wears for them to become comfortable, he hasn’t given them a chance
Steve Smith (10 months ago)
real talk!
Audio Ardor (10 months ago)
Thursday Boots vs. Taft
jr4chargers (10 months ago)
I've been looking at Taft boots. Some of them look super nice!
yun bin wang (10 months ago)
I do agree SLP boots are overpriced, but their design can never be replicated. So I guess it depends if that design is something worth paying for and if it match your style. People will notice SLP because of the heel stack and sleekness. As for Thursday boots, their design can be found elsewhere, nothing too special. I never tried them so I can’t speak on the quality
J SKI (10 months ago)
I like the YSL's, the color and quality, but..... they look almost like a women's boot/really feminine. I'd go Allen Edmonds factory seconds all day over both.
A.P. Says (10 months ago)
There should definitely be one of these on jeans. SLP/Balmain vs Levi's/Allsaints or something like that
Reel Issues (10 months ago)
Love to hear your thoughts on Jack Erwin shoes.
Javier20 .Javier20 (10 months ago)
Thursday Boots all the way.
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
:) !
Miguel Medrano (10 months ago)
This dude always looks like a damn lost jackass
Mark Anthony Sanchez (10 months ago)
Ysl look best but for overall value I would say thursday boots!!!!
BONIC (10 months ago)
RedWings are Great boots
Navid Zivari (27 days ago)
Rather have a pair of Red Wing boots, than Thursdays. $200 for boots made in Mexico? I'll pass.
Adam B (10 months ago)
no shit they hurt lmao you need to wear them more than 5 times smh living in california and babying his boots wear them into the ground
xlnt_17 (9 months ago)
Thursday Boots! Long live the CHUKKA!!
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
:) !
Andrew Butler (10 months ago)
To quote my 83 year old father.....”you don’t actually TELL people you paid that much do you”?....lol. Boots for a grand....$$$$ too much bud.
Vin Mar (10 months ago)
Ysl looks femanine
KE C (11 days ago)
The guys in the video... are feminine. Hipsters.. all boy and no Cow. All hat and no cattle.
Londondonny (5 months ago)
Vin Mar there are feminine lads out there 🙋🏽‍♂️
Water P (6 months ago)
thats the point
Justin Credible (10 months ago)
It's meant like that, rock star attitude
Alex Chamberlin (10 months ago)
That strap is the only reason I think that. Big turn off on those boots
Erin Kaye Ozga (10 months ago)
Thursday Boots 👢 are the best! Why? They are good looking, comfortable and reasonably priced!
Alec Sanchez (10 months ago)
Love the YSL design and it can be quite difficult to find a worthy inexpensive alternative. Not worth the price though. Thursday boots are definitely going in the right direction with the waterproof suede and are offering a Chelsea boot alternative which is nice. Their boots are just too bulky and work-esque to get a purchase out of me just yet. Wish they’d venture into slimmer more fashion forward styles.
Melancholy (7 months ago)
Alec Sanchez story et fall is the unanimous alternative for their jodhpur design.
Faran Khan (10 months ago)
Even Thursday boots aren't that cheap, but yes they are giving you more bang for your buck.. I really like their chukka and Chelseas.. hope to get it soon on some promotion probably 😛
Brandon Harris (10 months ago)
They're no more expensive than any other boots you would find in the mall.
Javi (10 months ago)
Faran Khan honestly man. I don't think they'll ever go on sale. I think they said they aren't really gonna be doing that. But I did see on their website that you could contact them through email and ask if they have any factory seconds/ not as perfect cheap ones.
Bunmi Adefisayo (10 months ago)
I mean, the YSL boots have the better look but for $1,000? I wish Thursday would make their boots sleeker and slimmer.
Lawal Michael Abiodun (7 days ago)
Hi bunmi
Junuvo Jam (10 months ago)
You can only make a boot so good, given that $2000 for a suede boot that is comparable to a $200 boot is just a bit too much, in order to command a higher pricepoint I believe that either the materials need to be better or more costly, and/or botique, i.e. custom made to that individuals specific left and right feet.... And you can get that at the price of that YSL!!!
Kris Cuthbertson (10 months ago)
I need Thursday to make a harness/ Jodhpur boot
micheal vega (9 months ago)
Thursday Boot Company awesome
Thursday Boot Company (9 months ago)
got a jodphur in the works now : )
pedrocols (10 months ago)
Check out Meermin Jodhours! https://www.meermin.es/in_en/10149911130000he-13-101499-copper-antique-calf-e-cobre.html
Luke Deighan (10 months ago)
I just bought a pair of Chelsea boots for about $200, from a Paris based shoe company called Bobbies, recommended by another Youtuber. You guys should check out the brand, cause its got solid quality for the price
J H (10 months ago)
come on, guys.....can you review more of 'average price' stuff? for example, boots from DSW?
David Henry (10 months ago)
All the boots from dsw suck
joe rod (10 months ago)
Wolverines and Thursday boots are killing it they are 🔥

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