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Lacoste | Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Lacoste | Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Felipe Oliveira Baptista | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)
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Text Comments (12)
2k (7 months ago)
Yesbaum (7 months ago)
when is this getting released?
Dilek Sağlamol (7 months ago)
very nice....
Baby Woman (7 months ago)
Why ?
Marco Antonio Victoy (7 months ago)
I wanted the original music from the runway 😭
ashley key (7 months ago)
Loved it
Jose C ferro (7 months ago)
Modelos lindas e lindos uma coleção com composições de peças e de cores harmónicas e lindas sobretudos com acabamento e caimento corpóral impecável lindo vestido xadrez modelagem com caimento corpóral ergonômico realçando e valorizando há silhueta da modelo Belíssima casacos com design lindos uma coleção que mostrou uma tendência com Relação a volta do teçido xadrez uma coleção maravilhosa
Anybody know the track for 5:35?
Thauan Kanabs Thx :)
Thauan Kanabs (7 months ago)
khruangbin - people everywhere (still alive) ^^
Carlos Abreu (7 months ago)
impecable collection (love the way FOB plays with vintage 80's and 90's .. so literal yet so modern) , menswear pretty great, i want it
Daniel Volnov (7 months ago)
Like half of these are wearing rain boots and it is honestly not looking good.

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