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Fashion Lounge Music - Best Italian Chill Jazz Lounge Mix - Diva Italiana

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Subscribe Now: http://bit.ly/FASHIONLOUNGE Buy Now: https://lnk.to/VADivaItaliana Fashion Lounge Music - Best Italian Acid Jazz, House, Lounge Mix Top 20 selection of lounge, jazz, acid jazz, house, beats & breaks classics ever. 1. Matteo Brancaleoni - Amore baciami 00:00 2. Fred Buccini - I Love You for Sentimental Reasons 03:02 3. Papik - Falling Out of Your Love 07:24 4. 2 Men 4 Soul - Found Love 10:40 5. D'Andy feat. Melania - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás 15:00 6. Maestro Garofalo - My Girl 17:56 7. Melania - Pinu 21:08 8. Sugarpie and The Candymen - All You Need Is Love 24:28 9. Papik - You Are Everything I Need 27:05 10. Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair - All Night Long 31:51 11. Black Mighty Wax - We the Family 36:25 12. Ltj Xperience - Ordinary Guy 40:17 13. Neja - All That She Wants 48:22 14. Montefiori Cocktail - On a Clear Day [Sunaga T Experience Remix] 51:50 15. Sepia - Last Tango in Paris Ballad 56:12 16. Ludovico Valoroso - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 01:01:58 17. Cocktail Martino - Estate 01:05:55 18. Ohm Guru - Deep Dream Deep 01:09:51 19. Silvia Donati - Apaixonada 01:14:33 20. Orchestra Volare - Mambo italiano 01:18:52
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Text Comments (28)
Carla Ercoli (2 months ago)
mi piace tanissimo (y)
Jacques D Lévesque (3 months ago)
Quebec province
AJ Barker (4 months ago)
Simply Fascinating
Peter Hibbert (5 months ago)
The hat, the hat makes it!
LeCanzonidiLenaBiolcati (5 months ago)
Vincenzo Winny (6 months ago)
Romanticismo puro.........uau........
Al Hanso (6 months ago)
Roberg (11 months ago)
Franch louch
Arnaldo Casali (1 year ago)
concordo sulla poca italianità del prodotto e sulla bontà del mix, del resto la ns. musica attuale è solo rap e pop, di lounge e chill c'è ben poco; in questo caso gli artisti italiani hanno saputo confezionare una buona cover internazionale
FASHION LOUNGE (10 months ago)
Grazie Arnaldo!
Fabio Amato (1 year ago)
di italiano ...c'è poco.. anche se il mix e' buono
FASHION LOUNGE (1 year ago)
sono tutti artisti italiani....!! anche se le selezioni musicali sono internazionali
DANIEL ALBERT (1 year ago)
FASHION LOUNGE (1 year ago)
Thanks! Subscribe to our channel!
Bia Lizák (1 year ago)
Gloria Vignani (1 year ago)
I like this Loung Mix mostly in english and too few in italian but the same is nice.
George Sauber (1 year ago)
But the music its very good !....nice mix , good readom !...Soft relaxin lounge , good for Ocean Bar !!
George Sauber (1 year ago)
Looks More Latino Louge and Cuban Bit the Italina Music ??
juan ortega (1 year ago)
De "italian" hay muy poquito ... Y varias son practicamente desconoicidas en Italia
Raul avila (1 year ago)
excelente musica de mis paisanos saludos desde morelia mexico
Dimi guitar (1 year ago)
good song, great music .... thanks
BehrooZ Abshar (1 year ago)
from PERSIA with Passion
Aladino Nannini Jr. (1 year ago)
Nice sound...
alegdansk (2 years ago)
. . . . sognando a chmielno
Complimenti!!! Musica meravigliosa....
Thaísa Fortuni (2 years ago)
Flawless! 🎧
FASHION LOUNGE (1 year ago)
Thanks! Subscribe our channel!
lasmilyunamelodias (2 years ago)

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