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How to Wear Men's Boots - A High Level Style Guide

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In this week's Style Tips for the Everyday Guy by Cladwell, Chris and Eric discuss how to wear men's boots and offer a high level style guide. Find out why men's boots are more popular than ever, what price ranges you should be considering when shopping for men's boots, and a brief overview of different boot categories. GET YOUR PERSONAL ROADMAP TO DRESS BETTER. UPDATE: As of December 8th 2015, Cladwell is now a paid subscription service. http://bit.ly/cladwell_boots SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/user/Cladwelltube/ READ MORE http://blog.cladwell.com/how-to-wear-mens-boots-guide/ LET'S BE FRIENDS! https://plus.google.com/+Cladwell/ https://www.facebook.com/Cladwellapp https://twitter.com/Cladwellapp http://instagram.com/cladwellapp
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Text Comments (302)
Sales Manager (5 days ago)
Solo fíjense como el tipo de camisa a cuadros puede ser asesor de imagen, cuando usa una aburrida camisa a cuadros, botón down prendida hasta el penúltimo botón. Es un standard, un rutinario, estaría mejor como ingeniero o arquitecto haciendo cosas que tienen resultados matemáticos NO aconsejando de moda, es un ladrillo
avinandan kumar mishra (7 months ago)
How Mach
irfan sheikh (8 months ago)
sexy boots
grease112 (9 months ago)
What's with the American obsession with bulbous toed red boots?...ie. Redwing, Wolverine. Personally I find them ugly, but perhaps there is some cultural significance that I'm missing as a Canadian?
Raymond Gordon (9 months ago)
Corcoran jump boots. The best boot money can buy.
Tom Zelf (10 months ago)
Mahasattva27 (10 months ago)
Move the boots around more. You're only giving a very limited view.
DscrappyLoco Golani (11 months ago)
What are you two gonna do in boots?
luzo0o0 (1 year ago)
Clarks dessert are the best boots for under $100
M Moore (9 months ago)
luzo0o0 they look good, but don’t last. Got mine on clearance for $40 and glad I didn’t pay more.
Haris Vasilakis (1 year ago)
It's not just a trend=It's not what it looks like
Ballsdeep Singh (1 year ago)
You look like Ricky Schroeder.... but seriously, I just caught your channel, well done. Great stuff
rohit kapoor (1 year ago)
Nice shoes
Mike Arredondo (1 year ago)
I've had a pair of tims for 12 years and they don't look that beat to shit
Peter Silecchio (1 year ago)
Hi, I liked your Video. I just bought those Red Wing Moc Toe Boots. Do you remember the Style # of the ones in the Video? Nice Color?Pete
Darren Chandler (1 year ago)
The first proper boot appears at 5:33
Josh Rothstein (1 year ago)
What brand are those suede chukka boots?
Carlos Ek (1 year ago)
if you know where to look you can get boots for the cheap. I get a pair of wolverine 1883 alec chelsea boots for $50, and Dr martens for $60 on amazon and it was from amazon themselves. i know Sierra trading post sells boots for the cheap and they are a parent company to tjmaxx.
Ishmael Moreno (1 year ago)
What boot is that at 7:11. You said its a wolverine 1000 mile boot but it doesn't look anything like the 1000 mile boot?
1911geek (1 year ago)
lumber sexual acquire the skills with it also, not just looks
Myrslokstok (1 year ago)
Practical and manly and goes with casual stuff.
Kevin G. (1 year ago)
Name of the boot in the thumbnail??
beboguerra (1 year ago)
man my work boots definitely dont look like those wolverine boots at all, you sure their for work? On a different note, men have been wearing leather boots forever (for hard work or not) so I really dont get the hate in the comment section.
Ayee911 (1 year ago)
Just make sure that the stitching is going into the sole and the boot is from a known, trusted company. You should be set following those main 2 points. I've spent as little as $70 on a Clarks chukka to $250 on Cole Haans and others. I've bought boots (derby, chukka, oxfords, monkstraps) in leather and suede twice a year since '11. It's worth it, especially some suede or brown leather chukkas for daily life. Great video, guys!
Drink Lotion (1 year ago)
what boots is that
rob060 (1 year ago)
$350 price ceiling? heh Ever heard of White's, Nick's or Viberg?
Syed Karooney (1 year ago)
that 1000 mile boot by wolverine looks so good! do you guys have a link where I can buy that from? I'm not seeing it on their website or maybe I'm looking for the wrong thing.
Syed Karooney (1 year ago)
like your one seems a little longer up the ankle than the ones available at the wolverine website https://www.wolverine.com/US/en/original-1000-mile-boot/17967M.html?dwvar_17967M_color=W05301#crl8-gallery also what color is that one? cuz the color names on the website and the photos seem misleading.
Roman Gold (1 year ago)
You guys couldn't do just a visual guide? You had to sit for 10 minutes and talk about fashion like a bunch of women
unacarafea (1 year ago)
Gee, now I know how to wear boots! How do you wear pants? Haven't left the house in years because no one has told me how to wear pants.
Nina Hagen (1 year ago)
You guys are both so ridiculous... How to wear boots... ladies talk. Are you ladies?
Megan Burns (1 year ago)
Two women talking about men's boots.
perrylester343 (1 year ago)
Soooo.......How do you tuck a pant or jean into a boot properly??? I love your updates, by the way.
summerdying111 (1 year ago)
The 29 year old guy looks a lot older than the 33 year old guy.
SirRandomMonkey (2 years ago)
My $60 dollar pair of Timberland Chukkas have lasted two and a half years and are showing no signs of quitting! It's not a matter of price, it's a matter of knowing what to look for in a bott.
David (27 days ago)
SirRandomMonkey 2 years isn’t really that much for a boot though
All Hell Breaks Loose (2 years ago)
The man that's on the left looks so much better than the man that's on the right.
Benjamin Belcher (2 years ago)
Excellent video, very well made! Great work, guys!
SQU ARD (2 years ago)
Woodland Men's Nubuck Boot GB 1276113 style..
Where's Walt (2 years ago)
What do you guys prefer the 1000 mile boot or the doc marten, same style??
Frank Garrett (2 years ago)
I can't stand to hear hipsters talk about their "work boots", dudes never done a hard days work in their lives.
Tha Dood (5 months ago)
I can't stand when people call other people hipsters yet came to this video because they searched Wolverine 1000 mile boots because work boots are popular now. These are all fashion boots. You didn't come here because you were looking for a pair of boots to work in. Hipster.
Jonathan Stewart (9 months ago)
I️ happen to be a hipster who has done plenty of work in my life and I’m only fourteen, granted, most of my generation is not the same but I️ grew up doing all the yard work, helping with wood splitting, and multiple other things. And when they say work boots they are talking about a style of boots. It’s a more rugged, squared off and usually taller boot. Most of us wouldn’t actually work in the fashion versions of work boots
Journeyman Reefer (10 months ago)
Frank Garrett I know!! Their work boots are $390 red wings heritage. Cleaned and oiled.... and not safety steel toes
volim volim (11 months ago)
who cares in the cities you need them for casual use not true grueling dirty work
Quinton Clyde (1 year ago)
Frank Garrett you don't even know that
R47 (2 years ago)
dude on the left looks exactly like my math teacher
Lawrence Sutherland (2 years ago)
Tapered jeans are a good combo with these short, "ankle" boots.
TheVJProduction (2 years ago)
this is hipster level 8 on the 1-10 scale of hipster fucking hell lmao
Trwarg (2 years ago)
You don't need to be a hipster to wear boots.
Nathan Lonneman (2 years ago)
The first two "boots" Chris showed were not boots. They were shoes with an extra inch of fabric.
jasonthedoctor1 (2 years ago)
great video! simple...classic...lightly humorous...with good information.
Troy Davis (2 years ago)
thoughts on boots like nicks hotshots. Thank you.
altacc (2 years ago)
ha, just buy a pair of dr martens and a trench coat
Robin Longsummer (2 years ago)
what a pathetic display of what the modern man has become.
Drogo Baggins (2 years ago)
It always cracks me up when people call things like clothing items an investment. I know that they are actually trying to say that the item is worth the money spent most of the time. An investment is something that you plan on selling at some point for profit. I have seen people spend what could have turned into a million dollar retirement on clothing and say that they have a lot invested in suits. No, you just blew your shot at doing anything in your seventies on nice clothes.
Drogo Baggins (2 years ago)
+UrbanDanger ! Sure. But investing is the wrong word for getting a good deal on a quality product. Smart shopping for good clothing might be a worthwhile endeavor but it isn't the same thing as investing for retirement. Using the word investing for making what is probably a luxury purchase of fine clothing is a sales gimmick.
UrbanDanger ! (2 years ago)
"To invest is to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit in the future." The benefit of investing a little more in your clothing doesn't have to be a return in money. It can be better fit, better material so it'll last longer, better production, better look. Whatever it might be.
ANDREW ZALGO (2 years ago)
sweet godot (2 years ago)
too long, too boring video. go easy, be straight please!
Commander Erik (2 years ago)
hey! I am Erik too! But with a K
ampark09 (2 years ago)
This video would be more convincing if they didn't both have beards lol.
volim volim (11 months ago)
thats the american taliban look
Blake Nash (2 years ago)
Complete dumbass douche bag posers. These guys' dads failed. Likened to chicks who grow up to dance on a pole type failure. Pure comedy and they don't even know it. Must have pushed their scouting threshold with the art&crafts participation badge and backyard outing demonstrating heat conservation spooning survival techniques with the troop leader. I sure do hope these "men" are homosexuals because the human race doesn't need their weak genes' offspring.THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL
G11B (2 years ago)
It really bothers me that today it's trendy to *LOOK* manly. I'm willing to bet more than 50% of males at this time are total pussies. Don't wear work boots if you sit behind a fuckin' desk.
volim volim (11 months ago)
its more of a style moron; you don't need to play soccer if you wear soccer samba sneakers for example blah all these tough men and their boots so scary
G11B (2 years ago)
+UrbanDanger ! And therein is the separation between men and boys.
UrbanDanger ! (2 years ago)
+G11B Justify how much you want. He is right. If someone wants to wear boots for the sake of wearing boots he shall wear boots. I wear boots because of the extra ankle support but I never work in them.
G11B (2 years ago)
+lum0s Also, +1'ing your own comments vastly nullifies whatever you were attempting to accomplish.
G11B (2 years ago)
+lum0s I'd advise you to stay away from starbucks, your book club, and crochet classes. At this point, I can say with complete honesty that I can't even tell your gender. Are you a worked-up retarded "feminist" or just a "woman in a boy's body"? Can't tell what you've got going on...
Tony Stinkmetal (2 years ago)
lumberjack fashion tips? isn't this the very same hipster uniform nerds have been wearing in williamsburg since 2000? also, you guys talk about authenticity in style. but you're not really lumberjacks. finally, isn't this really just another fashion trend running it's course? (like puka shells in the 70s, skinny ties and buddy holly glasses in the 80s, grunge in the 90's, hipster old-timey fashion at the turn of the century) this trend has been around long enough that if you follow trends, you might start looking for whats coming next.
DanielSC (2 years ago)
FF you live in the usa, just go to Wolverine / Rocky / Timberland as well as so many others and buy a simple waterproof boots and be done with it.. wolverine even has waterproof boots with rugged "classic" looking.. like this one: http://www.wolverine.com/US/en/wilbur-boot/21767M.html?dwvar_21767M_color=W40015 Although if i live in usa i'd probably buy normal looking work/hiking boots
Sox575 (2 years ago)
Eric, what brand of boots did you buy back in 2002 and did they last all the way up to the present day?
Bobby Trainum (2 years ago)
obviously some more trendy hipster shit. authenticity is a trend? if you want to look like you're working class just be working class.
julian pena (2 years ago)
So where are my Dr. Martens? You know, like the best boots of all time?
Gavin & Bircher (2 years ago)
Great advice for boots. Great job!
Roger Crier (2 years ago)
Have you seen Herrings Exmoor brogue boot in chestnut leather and tweed?
Ryal Wood (2 years ago)
Does this fashion advice work for straight dudes too or is it just gays?
Ty Ji (2 years ago)
300-350 hahaha. I'm a teenager.
Qibilii (2 years ago)
Those boots at 4:29 look like Indiana Jones and Lawrence of Arabia wore them during their great adventures.
NoName (2 years ago)
2 guys talkin about fashion and boots o_O how did i come here?
Edouard Prest (2 years ago)
Hipsters shave your beards you are a disgrace to men.
Pocahontas (2 years ago)
Vote Trump so men can be men again!
HypeStatus (2 years ago)
If you wear boots you need to have a pair of Timberland Chestnut Ridge
luis cruz (2 years ago)
Hey I'm looking for a classic dress boots, flat sole, ankle level what brand could you recommend me?
Josh Swinggcat (2 years ago)
What's the model number on the 1000 mile Wolverine?
Genie Gold (2 years ago)
yeah please guys get out of trainers and buy these leather boots, they are so sexy and the reddish colour is beautiful with jeans xxxxx
Kashif Malim (2 years ago)
Hey guys, what do you think about Caterpillar boots? I usually wear their steel toe work boots all the time, and have a few of their more casual boots as well. I'm mostly wearing a pair of jeans (cuffed legs) with some tshirt or checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a leather jacket or blazer when it's a bit colder out.
Kashif Malim (2 years ago)
+1978Specter That sounds like my boots. I outgrew a pair but they're still in good shape lol
Kashif Malim (2 years ago)
+1978Specter That sounds like my boots. I outgrew a pair but they're still in good shape lol
1978Specter (2 years ago)
+Kashif Malim I can give you first hand account of Caterpillar boots as I  have had two pairs that have lasted TEN years.  Both pair were durable long lasting and if you take care of the boots (by polishing & conditioning)  they will always look nice and wear for many years.  I just bought a pair of Chippewa boots type 25227 and ordered another pair of Caterpillars (waiting for shipping).  I polish my boots about 3 or 4 times a year and clean them when in the mud/working outside.
jose pazmino (2 years ago)
talk less show more
David Boson (2 years ago)
what accountancy firms employ lumber jack HR reps?
k0pper (2 years ago)
No slip on western style boots? Some of the square toe styles in a nice leather can be really versatile fashion wise but also provide a lot of full calf protection for people who like to go from the office to outdoors.
Bradford Gordon (2 years ago)
You guys did a great job putting an emphasis on a boot style, but you guys are too clean cut to wear boots. The styles your claiming are more in the blue collar spectrum. However, I could see your trying. Thanks
Ignacio Rios (2 years ago)
Which model are those wolverine 1000 mile boots?
Anon Mason (2 years ago)
lol Getting back to previous generations. With all the racism and misogynistic crap to go with it. Might as well wear white laces on our boots if we're going to make that statement.
graham yarmas (2 years ago)
Red wing Heritage line, just pay the money an you'll have timeless classic pieces forever. Cheap boots look cheap. Good boots will feel better an last longer. Pay no less than 300$
Jes Christian Børlum (2 years ago)
Love my Hanwag Grünten boots, I get a bit annoying to be around, when they are at the shoemaker to be resoled.
Mir ali (2 years ago)
Hey Dudes I like ur video, but would you like to tell me something about (to boot NY boots) plz
dokirb (2 years ago)
I'm not sure if someone has already picked up on this, but; You keep comparing suede and leather. Suede IS leather. Absolutely no difference other than the finish. Suede is a brushed finish as opposed to a polished (smooth) finish.
Stephen Link (2 years ago)
+dokirb I think he's comparing the look, not the physical makeup
Aitor Navarro (2 years ago)
What chukka boot is that?
Slappy (2 years ago)
Dressing up like a man doesn't make you a man, especially if you're a hipster. Just get some pumps that match your purse and rock your capris.
Mel M (2 years ago)
High Fashion..... $5 haircut.
Desmond Lee (2 years ago)
any recommendation between a red wing moc toe or iron ranger?
Hct80 (2 years ago)
10 minute video to recommend a cuff. love it
steve bigler (2 years ago)
Sorry... I find your consumer driven diatribe to be lame and aimed towards the inherently stupid. My 20+ year old Sorels are in same condition as my 5 year old pairs. Prep and quality dictates.. NOT price... as you suggest. So back to your Fedoras and sipping your Chai Lattes... For REAL boot shopping... here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2062857.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC2.A0.H0.Xkaufman+sorel.TRS0&_nkw=kaufman+sorel&_sacat=0
yo daddy (2 years ago)
both these guys need refunds on those busted haircuts
The Fjarlsland Project (2 years ago)
no Corcorans disliked
REVALG (2 years ago)
logger boots or lineman boots are very nice. Doc Martens are trendy also.
REVALG (2 years ago)
Silver Spoon star! Rick Schroeder!
jonb5150 (2 years ago)
How to wear men's boots without any photos or video of guy's wearing boots. Wow, how useful...
Keith Mackey (4 months ago)
Men stroking off
Danymite hazard (1 year ago)
I know right! Absolutely ridiculous! Stupid video man!!!
False Shepherd (2 years ago)
Are they gay for dressing (relatively) well and linking it or are they gay in fact?
Claude Mountain (2 years ago)
+Alan Wendt I didn't know plurals required apostrophes.
lEthanl (2 years ago)
you forgot tims bro :(
Patrick Go (2 years ago)
if i were that guy and you say to me that I'm 40 but actual age is 30 I will probably strangle you
J C (2 years ago)
If you want to learn how to match your boots to your skirt and new thong, go ahead and watch this video. If you want to use boots for more than just a trendy, "right now" fashion statement, look elsewhere. They talk about men wanting authenticity to their clothing, yet are not authentic men. Look how soft their hands are! Holy hell I bet you're the most popular girl at the hand job mart with those non-callused meat grabbers.
Edward Eberbach (2 years ago)
I also would recommend looking at the original versions of the shoes. For examples, Clarks Chukka Boots can often be found for 95-110 dollars, and will easily last years.
Evan Rogers (2 years ago)
What model of Wolverines are those?
Joseph Gutierrez (2 years ago)
They look like the Wolverine Hartmann 1000 Mile boots. They appear to be discontinued.
Joel Back (2 years ago)
+Evan Rogers 1000 Mile.
Ron Townsend (2 years ago)
timberland boots no doubt
Brianna Terese (2 years ago)
Woah. Dude on the left looks like Dallas Green. Dude on the right sounds like Daniel Tosh.
Chris Gillett (2 years ago)
This is agonizing. It's like you're putting on man a costume. You can't go down to Neiman Marcus and buy manhood, it's in your blood. Your silly haircuts and flannel shirts make me sick, I bet your penis is embarrassed to be attached to you. I hope this trend ends quickly, you're making the rest of us look bad.

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