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Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots Vs. New Republic Suede Chelsea Boots/Best Men's Chelsea Boot

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. conducts a battle of two men's suede Chelsea boots. He talks about the $500 Common Projects suede Chelsea boots vs. $99 New Republic Suede Chelsea Boots. He goes into whether it makes sense to spend $400 more on the common projects suede Chelsea boots or save the money by buying the $99 new republic suede Chelsea boots. New Republic Chelsea Boots https://go.magik.ly/ml/fwjz/ Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots https://go.magik.ly/ml/fwk1/ SHOP THE STYLE O.G. MEN'S STORE! http://store.thestyleog.com/ Contact [email protected] Subscribe https://goo.gl/OrL9ro BEST TO TO GROW A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! https://www.tubebuddy.com/TheStyleOG New videos every day at 4PM Eastern discussing men's lifestyle topics such as men's style, men's fashion, grooming, and dating.
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Text Comments (270)
pnhhung (11 days ago)
why you yelling man. chill
Brian Kerby (1 month ago)
Check out the Kristopher boots at Kohl's. Almost identical and a lot cheaper.
john johnson (1 month ago)
Anyways, I appreciate the review brotha
john johnson (1 month ago)
I think you need to start letting your real personality dominate the videos. I understand you are speaking a certain way to emulate other successful channels, but if you are an expert on this shit, your passion will be communicated subconsciously.
Mr WTFish (1 month ago)
What about common projects on sale? Im looking for a chelsea or a pair of boots like yslp, but dont wanna pay over 500 or 400 cad
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
They are for sure worth it on sale!
Me Too (1 month ago)
What’s up Style OG? Do you know if the color of Khaki and Sand are the same thing on the Common Projects suede chelsea? Or just used interchangeably and CP doesn’t officially have a Sand color? Thanks again for your input.
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
mine are labeled Sand..
Me Too (1 month ago)
Hey there Jeff. I came across a pair of CP’s suede in Sand color for 225. Should I go for it or wait till the end of the month for New Republic to stock up? Thanks.
Me Too (1 month ago)
The Style O.G. Thank you kindly sir!
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
I would cop the CP for 225!
Zachary Tomes (1 month ago)
It bothers me how pricey Chelsea boots are these days. They are basically low-cut cowboy boots, which is why I love them. They are as versatile (in weather) and as reliable cowboy boots, but they look more casual, and more elegent. So my honest opinion is if you want to spend over $100 on a pair, go to a cobbler and have it made. Same thing I recommend for Cowboy boots.
The Style O.G. (1 month ago)
appreciate the input Zachary!
Ryan Ross (2 months ago)
Style OG.... What do you think about the Rag & Bone boot line?
Jj Nguyen (2 months ago)
Its been almost a year now, the new republic still holding up?
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
holding up well, i may do an update..
FLEX_NYC (2 months ago)
Do the new republic chelsea boots run true to sz?
The Style O.G. (2 months ago)
They do..
Jack Reacher (3 months ago)
How about the size and fit in relation to sneakers? Sneakerhead here slowly switching to boots and dress shoes.
Jack Reacher (3 months ago)
+The Style O.G. , thanks dude. I thought I'd never get a reply judging from the age of the video. 👊
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
ive found the new republics to be true to size, i wear 11.5 most sneakers, 11.5 new republic chelseas and the common projects are in Euro size 44
Jaime Villegas (3 months ago)
Common projects are lighter, imo better looking
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
appreciate the input Jaime!
Demitri Bell (3 months ago)
Do these run like Timbs ?
Demitri Bell (3 months ago)
The Style O.G. Like Loafers, Air Force 1s, Jordans, and adidas
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
for which brand?
Demitri Bell (3 months ago)
The Style O.G. Can you be a little more specific ? Cause I have a bunch of different shoes in different sizes so idk if I should get a 10.5 or a 10 or possibly go up to an 11
The Style O.G. (3 months ago)
true to size
Mr Jazzy (4 months ago)
You the man bro.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Thanks Jazzy!
Vincent Coté (4 months ago)
I dont think you compaired them in a fair way. Almost all the comparisons where visual, which fast fashion companies mimik really well. The real difference is in the construction of the boot and the way is ages/shapes over time. You could tell by looking at the sole that the New Republic boot was a cemented boot and the common projects where either a blake stitched or goodyear welted boot. A blake stitch or goodyear welt allows for resoleing of the boot making it last alot longer. For your next comparison video I'd love to see you go into more detail about each boot and also wear them both in so you can get a feeling for the comfort of the boots.
The Style O.G. (4 months ago)
Appreciate the input Vincent !
Steve H (5 months ago)
I think the Thursday Boot option with the gyw and waterproof treatment represents the best value at $199
Steve H (5 months ago)
The Style O.G. thursdayboots.com/products/mens-duke-tan-suede-chelsea?variant=2416447651849
The Style O.G. (5 months ago)
I’ll have to check them out !
Michelle LittleYoungMan (5 months ago)
Are new republic Houston suede chelsey boots lighter then the chuck chelsey boot????
Quentin Grissom (5 months ago)
When reviewing shoes in particulate its pretty important to put what size you purchased. Besides that great video
Quentin Grissom (5 months ago)
No problem brother. Keep it classy and fresh. Peace
The Style O.G. (5 months ago)
Thanks for the input Quentin!
Anthony Simon (5 months ago)
What about ysl suede chelsea boots vs common projects suede chelsea boots? Which one should i choose
Luther Rogers (6 months ago)
The 400 dollars difference is the biggest difference but the second biggest difference is that the Common Projects is goodyear welted and the other one is not. That means the Common Projects is resole-able and rebuildable for about 100 to 150 dollars meaning it would cost more to fix them than to buy the other boots however you get to keep wearing the common projects for a decade or two where the cheap boots you simply throwaway and buy a new pair.
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
Appreciate the input !
David Johnson (6 months ago)
Not a fan of the pull tag on the New Republic and not a fan of a shoe that's half my house payment. 🤔😁
David Johnson (6 months ago)
Chelsea boots are hot though. Just bought a beige suede pair from asos. More in my budget and man I love the style. They are head turning for sure.
The Style O.G. (6 months ago)
I feel you! lol
Jausmy96 (6 months ago)
Great video but I have a few questions. What's the difference in comfortability between the boots, which one is easier to walk in? Which one is more comfortable after long hours of usage? And would you recommend the Common Projects to someone with wide feet?
Samuel 1738 (7 months ago)
Guys close your eyes. He sounds like Samuel L. Jackson. lol Great video tho!
Fede Chin (7 months ago)
I am planning to get some New Republics, should I go true to size?
The Style O.G. (7 months ago)
i suggest true to size..
Darius Hill (8 months ago)
I have both. Both are great. Is there a way to clean the rubber bottom?
Tom Dillard (8 months ago)
Great video, Jeff. Found your channel a few days ago and really enjoy your videos. Have a question, have you ever worn clothes or shoes by designer Joseph Abboud? Men’s Wearhouse sells his stuff. I bought a suit beginning of the year and a pair of taupe suede Chelsea boots that are still in transit to me. Just wondered your thoughts…
The Style O.G. (8 months ago)
Thanks Tom, welcome to the channel! It's been a while since I have worn some Abboud. I had some sports coats from him in the past but nothing recently. I would love to hear your feedback when you get you stuff!
Thurnis Haley (8 months ago)
How do the new republic fits?
Orlando Cruz (8 months ago)
I would’ve been mad if I paid $500 for a boot when I could’ve gotten another almost identical.
jsloane96 (8 months ago)
What’s the sizing comparison?
Mister Mister (9 months ago)
LOL, i liked that last line. im still tryna decide which style of boot i like best
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
appreciate the feedback Santel!
GoblinKh GT (9 months ago)
Can anybody tell me what color is it on his right hand
LKLO 90 (9 months ago)
Awesome vid! I've been eyeing all of the New Republic Chelsea boots lately, such a great price & the quality & shape looks great too compared to a lot of the others I've seen. What color was your New Republic Chelsea Boot? I'm planning to buy the Sand colorway with the Orange/Blue pull tab. I'm hoping the ones in your video aren't the sand colorway, it looks really grey. Might just be the lighting or something though. Edit: Nevermind, just rewatched the vid a few more times & realized you said it's the sand colorway.
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
watch a few more times if you like! lol
Matthew McCartin (9 months ago)
Yeah but check them out to a couple years. The big difference that wasn't mentioned is how to sole is stitched to the upper (see bottom of boot), not glued. Telling by the bottom he has hardly even worn the CPs, now this review could simply be about initial quality but that stitching is a big first look difference.
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
appreciate the input Matthew!
Paul (9 months ago)
Great video! I just bought a pair a couple of weeks ago. How does the quality of the crepe on the Common Projects boot compare to the New Republic? Also, do you clean your crepe soles? From what I gather, there’s no real practical way to clean crepe soles and the dirt is just a natural part of the charm of the boot.
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
No real way to clean the crepe..
Private Private (9 months ago)
Was looking for these types of comparison videos. Subbed
The Style O.G. (9 months ago)
Welcome to the channel Private!
Blake Bauman (10 months ago)
Video starts at 1:48.
Darren Roberts (10 months ago)
I have the Common Projects but it depends on the need of the wear depending on the places there worn.
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
I agree..
RebelGrey (10 months ago)
but is it really battle royale with only 2 contenders?
Anthony M (10 months ago)
J.M. Weston Chelsea boots win
Tyler Heidgerd (10 months ago)
Great vid but it’s way better at 1.25x speed😂
The Style O.G. (10 months ago)
isn't everything...lol
marshall stevenson (11 months ago)
@ThestyleO.G. How do the new repubs run? Narrow? Regular? Thank you
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
They run a little big, go a half size down..
cedric green (11 months ago)
inlove new republic boots there comfortable they are good quality
Tevron (11 months ago)
For the mazs out there that are living in the UK. I recommend these: http://www.soletrader.co.uk/sole-crafted-baynes-boots/baynestn/
Kenny Baby the Prince (11 months ago)
David C. (11 months ago)
I love this video, its very helpful. The only remaining question I have is, does the new republic shoe run true to size or a little big?
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
half size big to me..
rob bo (11 months ago)
Great vid I was looking for a Chelsea boot and u got me sold on the new republic
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
Thanks Rob!
Valentin Velkovski (11 months ago)
The shape of those New Republic boots is fire man, super dope. So glad i found ur channel yo , keep them videos coming. Peace
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
Appreciate it Valentin
VJXSHY (11 months ago)
Bottega > CP
9:02 (11 months ago)
Do the new republics fit like Air Force ones or??
The Spunk (11 months ago)
The common projects one just looks so.....loose
Thomaz Cardoso (11 months ago)
Best Samuel L. Jackson impression so far
jc (11 months ago)
I thought you would choose the Common Project boot. But at the end it all made sense, Common Project is higher quality but not 5 times higher quality as to be worth 5 times more money. And true, when u go party, no one around you gonna take ur boot off your feet to read the serial numbers and say, “oh wow, u have a $500 boot!” .... LOL 😂
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
well said JC!!
Ben S (11 months ago)
i prefer the Saint Laurents myself. Great video tho
Ben S (11 months ago)
Check out sales bro. They often go for 400-500usd brand new.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
So do I, loan me 1000 bucks Ben!
Arthur Soto (11 months ago)
Excellent video, random popped up and I have been contemplating this in my head and am finding it hard to spend $500 when I have owned new republic before and know its easily for $100 any day of the week... SUBBED
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
Welcome Arthur!
Esketit Boi (11 months ago)
First of all you should never buy common projects for retail and second the bottega venetas are just better for many reasons.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
And way more than I can afford Big Spender!
centenoj85 (11 months ago)
new republic all day. I have the black ones they re nice in the fall/winter. salute...
Jason Wilkins (11 months ago)
How do you compare shoes and boots in terms of quality without discussing construction methods? While I think $500 is steep for what you're getting, it's important to remember that the construction method is part of that cost.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
I feel you Jason, but if I do too much of a deep dive most people will drop off and you and i will be having a one on one discussion..lol
Brandon Dominic (11 months ago)
I’ll cut that pull tab off on the new republican
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
Pull tab is essential part of the Chelsea. Probably the biggest weakness of this boot..
Lil D3pr3zz3N (11 months ago)
My dude probaly rich that $500 ain't shit 😂
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
nope, just an excellent saver! lol
Sam Geurdi (11 months ago)
I bought a pair of common projects Chelsea tan boots for $200. So I’m pretty sure I had the better deal at the end of the day.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
For that price, no doubt !
Jhericurls (11 months ago)
Didn't mention the shape of the shoe. You are also paying for the cut and craftsmanship, same reason Saint Laurent jeans cost X10 more than Zara jeans.
dbautista24 (10 months ago)
Jhericurls Couldn’t have said it better. The cut on the new republic is awful, but nobody understands that.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
There is a quality difference for sure, I hope i was clear about that in the video. just not 5x better. appreciate the feedback !
Jhericurls (11 months ago)
Great marketing?...maybe a little bit. But Is there a different between a tailored suit to an off the shelf suit.
Jhericurls (11 months ago)
CP at retails isn't worth it, but I got my pair for under $300 as they are always on sale.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
you mean great marketing??
Manny Freshh (11 months ago)
Y tf would u wanna look like Joe Budden Lookin ass nigga do u know how many L’ s that Nigga takes 😂
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
I didn’t choose this pretty face! Lol
JT mareZ (11 months ago)
Only reason I clicked this video is because I thought it was the look alike joe hidden
Thang Nguyen (11 months ago)
When it comes to shoes, don't buy cheap. They might not look much different but you'll see in the long run. Looks like you've been wearing the CPs pair for quite some time, yet they still look new. Cheap shoes won't look like that after a few years.
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
there is a delicate balance..
Mikel Washington (11 months ago)
Not bad could use a lil more editing for pacing as well as some music and artwork to bookend the review Also timing is key here gotta really sell that reveal cause that's what the hook is from the headline
Mikel Washington (11 months ago)
good content I'm glad I came across it
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
appreciate the constructive criticism..
JordanMandas Official (11 months ago)
In general it’s more advisable to spend around $500 on a pair of boots. A pair at that price should be Goodyear Welted, which will mean it lasts and is a quality piece, as well as being better constructed, more comfortable after broken in, made of higher quality materials and should retain shape better. However, this gentleman has shown us that this particular $500 doesn’t deliver. I’d say that if your budget permits it, making the larger investment is worthwhile IF you find the best boot for the price
Brandon Key (8 months ago)
JordanMandas Official The "budget permits it" part is exactly why people often purchase the New Republic chelsea boots.
deyu deyu (11 months ago)
WanderinHawk any child can say a sun is as dark as vantablack, but you know child right, sometimes they just point something wrong without a good explanation, because, you know, they're a child
JordanMandas Official (11 months ago)
WanderinHawk 😂😂😂 it is a hallmark, tho. Find a cheap $100 shoe that’s Goodyear Welted. It costs more to make and it has beneficial functions. It’s a hallmark of quality, you couldn’t make worse non arguments if you tried. Chill bro, it’s okay to be wrong
WanderinHawk (11 months ago)
"hallmark of quality and workmanship" lmao you couldnt be any more of a joke even if you wanted to. And no, i dont wear glued shoes.
deyu deyu (11 months ago)
WanderinHawk there's always an advantage between blakestitch, gyw, voldstchoen, etc... Waterproof, flexibility, and they're all resoleable, the question is how hard it is they are for resoling, gyw is the most expensive because it's the easier to resole, yet the hardest to make. Not as flexible as blake tho
Jordan Cheng (11 months ago)
Got the CPs for $274 last week
The Style O.G. (11 months ago)
Great cop Jordan!
Jisooo (1 year ago)
Common projects has some of the most luxurious suede/nubuck leather I've ever felt and they are all built to last for a few years which is well worth the price tag except after 2 years of wear, it probably won't feel soft anymore, there's no way to clean all that dust and dirt out of the suede. Out of all their chelsea boots, the original black leather chelsea is still the best.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
I will have to check out their leather boots
Alex Ramirez (1 year ago)
What I don’t understand is why they changed the pull tabs color in the New Republics is was good already in the old color but in the end it’s just a pull tab
Efit (9 months ago)
So they wouldn’t get sued by common projects for stealing their design
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
that would be the first thing I would change..
nick crown (1 year ago)
Yeah! Chelsea. I salute you sir, very good taste
Niki Sta (1 year ago)
you know whats insane. Common projects don't look good in display but once you wear it it looks fuckin beautiful. It's as if it molds in your feet.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
They do look great on feet Niki
Clockwork (1 year ago)
the common projects are well crafted and look amazing on my feet.. i did buy the new republics months ago tho.. the cps were just on sale at Barneys last week didn't have my size tho..😓
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
near miss...
Travis Longenberger (1 year ago)
Great video, I would suggest getting some soundproofing where you record so there is less reverb and we can hear your more clearly!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
appreciate the input Travis!
wolf reaper (1 year ago)
You should do a review with Thursday boots ?
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
considering it..
Nathaniel Worthy (1 year ago)
Great boot excellent price . good info
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Nate
Aaron D (1 year ago)
You're doing way too much. I just wanted a review. I had to wait 6 minutes for a conclusion anyone could have mustered from the first 15 seconds.
Stefan Iordan (1 year ago)
I think you need to wear the boots for a while before you compare them. IF the New Republic Suede hold up for a few years (comparable to the Common Projects) then YES! they are the winner. I found out that sometimes the higher priced items hold up a lot better with time and that's why they cost so much more. As a side note... I would not buy the Common Projects boots (even if they were 5 times better) because I can't afford them now :)
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
appreciate the input!
Winston Arikudi (1 year ago)
Yeah! Chelsea. I salute you sir, very good taste.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Winston!
Anthony Johnson (1 year ago)
Just went on the New Republic website. Sure enough, ...there they are; Sand Colored Chuck Chelsea's for $99 bucks. 25% off if you spend over $250 on your purchase. God, that would bring the price on those Chelsea's down to what, $75 bucks? That's 1/7th the cost of the Common Projects... BIG difference in price for 2 boots that ARE practically identical Thank you Jeff!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
You got it Anthony!
j smith (1 year ago)
Great video . I LIKE all style. Good boot great price. EXCELLENT job bro♥
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Sis!
Excellent video, I have three pairs of New Republic Chelsea Boots , different colors , The Dusty Pink color is nice also . Thanks .....
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Patrick! i was very tempted to grab the dusty pink..
Benjamin Teixeira (1 year ago)
Great video! I'm new to your channel and it is now my favorite. Only one thing that should be mentioned is the cemented construction vs the welted/stitched construction. Keep the good content coming... Salute
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks Benjamin! Welcome to the channel..
chuck97ful (1 year ago)
The sound is not good for the ears lol... it’s like you’re shouting bro but great video
Fly Jonez (1 year ago)
The style og how is the fit on the boots?
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
i would size down a whole size on both and they are a bit narrow..
Yes Man (1 year ago)
Great Video as always OG! Just wondering how you feel about boat shoes? If you like them any tips how style them?
Yes Man (1 year ago)
Thanks OG! Salute!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
they are a summer staple and never go out of style. shorts, chinos , and jeans all work..
Mario Bran (1 year ago)
If I were to buy, I would choose the $99 dollar pair for sure. The other one would cost me a few nights on the sofa and a lot of headache. Salute!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
definitely not worth that sofa action!
Fabien Teixeira (1 year ago)
New Republics for sure
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
true indeed
Fabien Teixeira (1 year ago)
When they begin to get worn or damaged you can replace them 4 times before you run that $500
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
appreciate the feedback Fabien!
iBeOnThat Kryptonite (1 year ago)
Bruh on God you're so genuine which is why I'm in that notification *GANG GANG* these companies defintiely should be paying you
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
appreciate you Jonathan!
iBeOnThat Kryptonite (1 year ago)
G what type of white tee is that?????
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
good ole Hanes!
john robinson (1 year ago)
Love the red cardigan
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks John!
Anthony (1 year ago)
I'm in the same boat with the Allen Edmond liverpool chelseas. 445 for a pair seems steep when i can get a similar pair for about 200 on Thursday boots. Quality does count for a lot though especially if you're looking for lasting power. Too many times have i fallen for the buy cheap buy twice pitfall lol. Keep up the good work dude.
Ric Woodgett (8 days ago)
I know I'm late but Thursday Boots quality is very high similar to what you would find in some 400$+ boots actually higher quality compared to some others
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
i like that thought process..
Alex B. (1 year ago)
I was in the same boat. How I got over it was all my main shoes I knew I would wear often I would spend the extra. Shoes that I knew I wouldn’t like colored oxfords were the ones I wouldn’t spend as much on. Hope this helps...
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
definitely is a balancing act between quality and value..
Giovanni Price Sr (1 year ago)
What do you think 💭 about Steve Maddens Chelsea boots ?
Logan pFiT (5 months ago)
Nah. I bought a pair and they fell apart. Not worth it. Steve Maddens 👎👎👎
Giovanni Price Sr (1 year ago)
The Style O.G. Tru
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
not bad. i give em about a 7.5/10
rebecca demosthene (1 year ago)
The new republic boots look way better than the common projects boots in my opinion, plus, the common project one looks a little beat up....I have a real problem with spending a serious amount of money on something that looks worn lol...not that it can't be worn, it just shouldn't look like it. Also, if I had it my way, I would change the colors of the pull tabs on both shoes; I'm not really feeling the colors on the pull tab of the new republic boot...great video Jeff and red looks nice on you 😊
rebecca demosthene (1 year ago)
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
you were too busy checking out the man in the red sweater!😉
rebecca demosthene (1 year ago)
Lol...my bad...I retract some of my statement then😆...and thank you!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
it is worn because i've been wearing them for a year and a half! lol . the new republic are new. maybe i should mentioned that more than once. thanks as always Rebecca. you are always welcome here😀
Chris Lenart (1 year ago)
Been waiting for a video about these Chelsea boots. I think those New Republics are going to find their way into my closet.
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
i think you should cop them!
69692tall (1 year ago)
How does the Thursday boot measure up?
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
haven't come across their suede chelseas in person..
Darryl DC 4 Life (1 year ago)
I purchase 2 pairs from Johnson and Murphy last weekend...$179 each 😂 I love this boot. Thanks!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
you got it Darryl!
Escobar Style1 (1 year ago)
I’ll make sure not to make that mistake. I’ll have $400 left over so I can buy some clothes for those $100 Chelsea boots. 😁. Great video my friend!
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
Thanks my brother!
Chrishanda Causey (1 year ago)
is there a difference in comfort?
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
common projects win in comfort..
achaarpickler (1 year ago)
Spot on.....
The Style O.G. (1 year ago)
appreciate the feedback!

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