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Fun 'n' Parties!

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The song is "Fun 'n Games" from Banjo Tooie. First things first, this video was made for My Cute Little Pony! I don't think I could have brought myself to do something like this otherwise. ily, cutie! Fun Facts: - No BGM - No Melodyne or anything similar - I can't sentence mix for shit - That joke at the end was ripped off straight from Krobo, sorry about that Enjoy!
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Text Comments (101)
Lambda Studios (2 months ago)
the agents here miss your work. Come back
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan (11 months ago)
Scout--Tooper - It's All Fun and Games until Somebody Starts Hacking... Logan quotes SpongeBob while trying not to Phlog.
Cormy1Live (1 year ago)
Holy shit this is so fucking good for no BGM.
sniper bonnie 2007 (1 year ago)
Can you make hailfire peaks ytpmv
layfurbadar 6025 (2 years ago)
Egg yes
FERMLEE GRASSPIT (2 years ago)
The "Nailed it" is icing on the cake.
Только ПОНИ (3 years ago)
mmmm.... not cool
Adalxdd (3 years ago)
visuals are good!
FERMLEE GRASSPIT (2 years ago)
couldn't agree more.
TOAD (3 years ago)
LOVED THose JIGGY ANIMATIONs (a.k.a. the jigsaw pieces), the transition ones are actually frame perfect with the actual games
TOAD (3 years ago)
Midoseito Akage (3 years ago)
+Gruntilda Winkybunion Hey Grunty, how your retreat by washing some video game did you ?
kad (3 years ago)
610th liker...sorry I just like posting comments that award me as liking each 2 times
kad (1 year ago)
myhola AJ (3 years ago)
i think this is what is happening in pinkies mind lol XD
NacktmullLP (3 years ago)
Banjo Tooie <333!!!!
Adicto (3 years ago)
what video editor do you use?
Matt Henesy (4 years ago)
It's fun 'n games, not parties. (I know the YTPMV is called that, it it says that's also the song in the desc.)
GpmShow (4 years ago)
Banjo Toodie ! :D
Allegog (4 years ago)
Is it a bad thing I've listened to this 10 times in a row for 5 consecutive daily fixes? Also great micspam material.
Nick Cullen (4 years ago)
Sounds like banjo and kazuy
FERMLEE GRASSPIT (3 years ago)
Genius observation.
Solv (4 years ago)
Very, very catchy~! I think I'll just pass out...
yuwin! (5 years ago)
Wow! Very good! :D Nice visuals, by the way!
DaBoy2187 (5 years ago)
a site i usually use is listen_to_youtube with the " . " and a com (take out the _'s)
pryoman1156 (5 years ago)
banjo tooie
Raptor Jesus (5 years ago)
Not in my experience. The exact site "youtubeinmp3" is reliable.
ArcTempestGod (5 years ago)
Keep in mind that the audio quality is completely shot to hell when using such methods, and it really is not that hard to separate music from the work file, and upload the music file (really, in any format you want) to mediafire, or upload.to or any upload site. But, whatever floats your boat.
Lean Vellum (5 years ago)
too many boxxy ones
Lean Vellum (5 years ago)
Huh? yeah
Reissecup YTP (5 years ago)
also ihope you're aware that mlp isn't the only source used for these
Lean Vellum (5 years ago)
I don't know why people make these. but it is enjoyable
Reissecup YTP (5 years ago)
a magical tool called sony vegas
Spam Mail (5 years ago)
This song is played in witchy world ( amusement park ) when you fly the u.f.o
Lean Vellum (5 years ago)
How would one make such a video?
Karabiner (5 years ago)
Flour! It happens to the best of us.
Karabiner (5 years ago)
I wish you could reply on an iPhone. In cad you ever come back, the left balloon is when she is covered in flower.
Flutt3rTree (5 years ago)
What is the episode source in the left balloon at the beginning? And through the rest of the video. Or is that Surprise?
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan (11 months ago)
Baby Cakes.
Frank Vega (5 years ago)
guuud :3
flutterlover (5 years ago)
Oh man, good times :3
Chaud The Gamer (5 years ago)
i got it!! XD
Infinion (6 years ago)
i don't know how, but i completely brain farted on that one, i meant to say vegas but my brain registered FL....
flowerzinc (6 years ago)
you're funny. This video was entirely made using Vegas
Infinion (6 years ago)
FL for the win
flowerzinc (6 years ago)
I know what AE means, and that's what I said I didn't use it. This took me about a month of which only one week went into making the audio.
flowerzinc (6 years ago)
I didn't even AE
CombineHgrunt (6 years ago)
audio with 360p quality videos is pretty much near enough to perfect
flowerzinc (6 years ago)
I've learned a lesson on youtube: You have a question? Read the comments It's really likely that it has been answered a bajillion times already
Rubri (6 years ago)
Okay I'm retarded, but I can't place the song for beans. I thought i was Cloud Cuckooland but I can't find which song exactly. It sounds like something from there anyways, specially considering Pinkie Pie sort of attitude.
Giantcrabby (6 years ago)
But Youtube uses video compression, thus the song won't be that great in quality. Also, those tools are illegal and have a high chance of getting taken down by Google anytime.
Timothyman4444 (6 years ago)
Chrysalis (6 years ago)
Guise, just get youtube downloader HD download the video and rip the audio from it. It shouldn't be hard at all.
Lustra Guy (6 years ago)
this needs more views.....
catscater51 (6 years ago)
sometimes it doesn't work 4 all of the links on youtube cuz of the stuff u have 2 fill out 4 it now adays
Glossydolphins ! (6 years ago)
Banjo tooie!!!
SirSnuffleMcNuffin (6 years ago)
needs to be a ring tone
Majatek (6 years ago)
What if Google became copyright Nazis and disabled those YouTube to mp3 conversion sites via disabling the API backend of YouTube that allows the video data to be transferred between sites? :(
Talazar (6 years ago)
0:41 - 0:49 so hypnotizing
Logan Mcknight (6 years ago)
Anyone else feel impending doom from watching this?
pelz (6 years ago)
London olympics 2012..........
pelz (6 years ago)
hahaha party!!!
angelsassin (6 years ago)
Make it loop!! This is epic!
EmuEmi (6 years ago)
Cyren Arts (6 years ago)
Hey flowers long time no talk, I don't think we've talked since those old skype chats with rabies :3
flowerzinc (6 years ago)
seriously guys, just google "youtube to mp3" or something, I'm sure a million sites will come up
shadowdemon1375 (6 years ago)
This definitely rivals sgtscrubnoob in more ways than one. Well done flower :)
Matt Wittherson (6 years ago)
More video perfection. Seriously, incredibly impressive! Also, reply when you get the chance to your Youtube messages.
purejshots1 (6 years ago)
Neilhart (6 years ago)
I'm sad now because there was no mp3 link when you uploaded this, i'm still sad since there isn't one now. Could we please get one? this is awesome.
MrMisterBrony (6 years ago)
Needs more Pinkie pie
comickrew (6 years ago)
Oh man, unreal air, A true slam dunk
Eix (6 years ago)
-Clings to- I love you. I love you. D: MARRY ME FLOWER.
Storm Storkanus (6 years ago)
Dem legz.
ytp (6 years ago)
party foto :D
xyzCrake (6 years ago)
Love it, every time.
Still / Azure (6 years ago)
Yus for the visual.
The jigsaw piece effect is neat
John Lenny (6 years ago)
this was probably intended to be one of the more cuter pony videos, which it had done well at being
SgtScrubbleBubbles (6 years ago)
dem jiggy transitions hnnnnnngggggg
jun (6 years ago)
gummy sotp it
Etoile (6 years ago)
Flowerzinc, those visuals made my pants wet for some reason
dpritch (Alternate) (6 years ago)
Great visuals!
Spiked Kirby (6 years ago)
yo creia que iva a hacer mas de 2 videos en todas las vacaciones ja!
Jai Heart (6 years ago)
"Hey! You know what this calls for? I have no idea!" good ytpmv btw
flowerzinc (6 years ago)
awww, you're nice :3
Altruistic Albatross (6 years ago)
Download where's my download?!
Dylan Finley (6 years ago)
Banjo Tooie great game and this is an awesome vid
Billy Bob (6 years ago)
Holy shit cock visuals !
flutterlover (6 years ago)
Cute gift Flower. Thank you
CombineHgrunt (6 years ago)
"anons" Hi this is 4chan lets imply things and spill memes
AleatoireMixes (6 years ago)
Nailed it!
MrSoulmaan (6 years ago)
CombineHgrunt (6 years ago)
Oh my a decent video by flowerzinc
Gehirnesser (6 years ago)
It reminds me of Lego racers
Noble (6 years ago)
Please do not comment again. I will troll you if you do.
Xarlable (6 years ago)
This sounds and looks really good man :)
thekid20x6 (6 years ago)
one of the best songs from banjo tooie :D
Noble (6 years ago)
this is good i guess also you used pinkie pie skateboard samp lmao
Hillman105 (6 years ago)
What is this. I don't even...
Etoile (6 years ago)
*throws blue shell*

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