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How to Wear Boots - Men's Fall Fashion

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Text Comments (150)
HAWG! (15 days ago)
I wear 36x 36.. can't find chinos in stores.
ondaslab (1 month ago)
What type of jacket , brand, is the leather one
DelToro (1 year ago)
I like you but it's like "what's thaaaat maxx?"
halflife909 (1 year ago)
In the xmas dinner outfit what is the blue pull over you have on/where can I get one. Really like the look.
Erik Challeen (1 year ago)
PLEASE tell where you got that brown leather jacket
Colin Brannon (1 year ago)
Do you wear boots in the summer ?
Sartorial Reviews (1 year ago)
The suede is hnnnng
Jairo Garcia (1 year ago)
Fml i have to get skinny first cuz if i dress this way i look like a clown so see you all in a year
Avi P. (1 year ago)
Where did you get the dress shirt from in the 3rd look?
Project Funky (1 year ago)
your audio is all over the shop
David Huang (1 year ago)
where is the quarter zip wool sweater from?
Manny big Burrito (1 year ago)
Who could of imagined work boots would become a fashion statement. It speak volumes about the new soft generation.
NihilTimendumEst (1 year ago)
Do a video about fashionable tech like cell phones and smart watches
Robert Leon (1 year ago)
great vídeo man, it really helped gracias
Johny Mata (1 year ago)
Can I ask what kind of brand are the pants you wore on your last outfit and what type of material is it?
Alvarho J. Guzman (1 year ago)
does anyone know what brand the pullover is?
TBSpromotions (1 year ago)
rip this channel
Gede Andiyastika (1 year ago)
Hey Maxx, please make more videos!!
Cinephile5757 (1 year ago)
Can you please do a collection video on pants? Thanks
Ed (1 year ago)
how tall are u? before and after the usage of boots
Kamran Xeb (1 year ago)
should change the channel description to "generic white boy wears" cause those are some starbucks outfits frat boys wear to family dinners.
Ramkumar Ramnath (1 year ago)
damn ... those leather jackets are awsum. link for the leather jackets ?
ares (2 years ago)
this channel needs more potatoness
Zaylex (2 years ago)
do a video on your jacket collection, need model/brand names and where to buy them plz
A R (2 years ago)
This guy has he fashion sense of a finance bro
justin yap (2 years ago)
What about the ll bean duck boot?
sundance kidd (2 years ago)
this guy is funny
W.Yomyiem (2 years ago)
Can i know bands of boots ?
Jorge Sifuentes (2 years ago)
Really love the jacket from the casual look! What's brand is it and what's it called?
Alfonso Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Nice fleece! what brand is that?
josh elbow the nfn (2 years ago)
What cut are the jeans!? Straight legged? Sim? Skinny? And which would you recommend to the shorter homies? 5'6" :)
Thomas Shaw (2 years ago)
what top is that?
Yeasy R (2 years ago)
grow a beard
Chad Schuster (2 years ago)
can you do a boot maintenance video
TallDarkNIndian (2 years ago)
Maxx what are some good high quality menswear brands that aren't rip offs? aka J crew
theferretgetz (2 years ago)
can never get to much Maxx!!! 😁❤🐑
Michael Morris (2 years ago)
hey where did you get that leather jacket from
Zach D (2 years ago)
Could you show us your closet/wardrobe? Trying to get an idea of what clothes to buy.
Christian Marweg (2 years ago)
maxx! where the socks from?
charlievillanuevafan69 (2 years ago)
Be more fucking corny. I dare you.
Ryan Davies (2 years ago)
Maxx, the first pair of Chinos the light blue (jean looking chinos) are they also from JCrew? Can you link them up?
PortraitsByJarrod (2 years ago)
Anyone know the brown leather jacket he has??
thejasonbischoff (2 years ago)
Invisible Maxx at 1:52. Thanks, wall!
drew ski (2 years ago)
Luis Samaniego (2 years ago)
bro can i ask you to do more of these videos. honestly big help
Kyle Majerus (2 years ago)
Brand of those light pants in third outfit? 3:16
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
Jcrew 484
Carson Doles (2 years ago)
Please post more on this channel!! Your videos are great!
Conduwitt (2 years ago)
What type of boots are on the outside at facing out at 0:40?
Conduwitt (2 years ago)
Thanks Deadlift Brah!!!!!!!!
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
President Cognac Suede
theriisktaker (2 years ago)
Why are there a bunch of bikinis on your kitchen and household electronics list?
Rob M (2 years ago)
Great Sock game Maxx with the first look . Gotta get me some tobacco suede boots .
Leonardo Ramon (2 years ago)
Where do you buy your chinos from?
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
aless150 (2 years ago)
Does anybody know, if to downsize on Thursdays boots or if they are true to size?
aless150 (2 years ago)
Thanks maxx
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
I ordered same size as I usually wear in boots and they fit great.
Anthony Guimont (2 years ago)
That last outfit tho 😂😂
Al Sah Swole (2 years ago)
can i wear those boots with loose gangster pants?
Nada Habib (2 years ago)
اسألوا علي فربما لست بخير 😔
Stephen (2 years ago)
Jonathan Fernandez (2 years ago)
Liked the cinematics!
Anders Gravas (2 years ago)
Bruh, the audio
JakeTS86 (2 years ago)
Wear it to the girlfriend's parents, good one Maxx!
Steven Pham (2 years ago)
hey max where did you get the quarter zip wool pullover jumper?
Abby5734 (2 years ago)
James Gomer (2 years ago)
Sick angles maxx
Richard Ryder (2 years ago)
Shirt poof! Cmon son
Ryan (2 years ago)
When you wear a pair of boots before Maxx does.. = G Status.
Aaron Dela Cruz (2 years ago)
where did you get the swaggy leather jacket?
Ujjwal Roy (2 years ago)
Finally a video
Victor L (2 years ago)
3:55 Cmon Potato Maxx, we see that you aren't calling anyone...
Name entered (2 years ago)
Wow love the new video quality and style, keep using it plz!!!!
Jamal Joshua (2 years ago)
Need more vids like this! Great looks!
Manuel Soto (2 years ago)
Red+brown? Not feelin it, also not feeling the video quality or sound quality. Other than that nice video
UrbanDanger ! (2 years ago)
SteezyManny If it was Burgundy it would look great. Also would go for darker Jeans. Outfit 2 was meh.
Joe Schwartz (2 years ago)
Excellent use of the slowmo on the new camera Maxx.
Manuel Soto (2 years ago)
Mirin upload frequency! Srs
MrZz108 (2 years ago)
3:54 Nice home screen Max!
kevinmejia13 (2 years ago)
chelsea boots are GOAT. Street fashion >>>>>>>> formal wear
Maico Rocha (2 years ago)
How can I take care of my boots/shoes (other than a shoe tree) A guy from a Clark's store talked to me about buying a brush for my Bushacre's, and how to take care of them during the winter time? Heeeeelp winter is coming
A R (2 years ago)
Maico Rocha 1. Don't buy clarks, they're trash and will fall apart on you. 2. Shoeshine kit with polish and cedar shoe trees. I got 2 pairs of Allen Edmonds from online for 70$ total which will probably last a lot longer than your clarks will because I can resolve them every couple years
MonoTalonGaming (2 years ago)
Need more on this channel!
JPez Beats (2 years ago)
That colorgrading thooo
Madrid (2 years ago)
I need more useful videos like those kind of improvements that you do
Kira Marrie (2 years ago)
I like how maxx touches his hair after every shot
Keagan Kinsella (2 years ago)
In case nobody ever tells you. I appreciate when the editing shots match up with the beats in the music :) its da lil thangsss
Joey Pluta (2 years ago)
Maxx I love the videos man on both channels, but more FASHION PLS
Aayush Swamy (2 years ago)
Looking hella flashy Maxx!
abstruh (2 years ago)
These boots are really actually overpriced for the quality. There are better brands with better quality products for less money. They've just been sending a few pairs to Youtubers and I'm assuming some cash as well for promotion.
OriginalGanstaEnt (1 year ago)
abstruh who?
Ryan Jenkins (1 year ago)
abstruh who is making better boots for less money?
Joey Rosamond (2 years ago)
is this real life!? Maxx posted a new fashion video???
KevInRealLife (2 years ago)
When you dressed up but you cant help but let the EF slip MAXX I SEE YOU
NatMesh (2 years ago)
where did you get that quarter zip sweater in the first outfit?
Abby5734 (2 years ago)
a few comments up Maxx said he got it from Jcrew
Leonardo Ramon (2 years ago)
NatMesh brooks brothers
Kuji Chagulia (2 years ago)
*I lol'd hard from **1:48** to **1:49** lol.*
Swiggle (2 years ago)
Where's the jacket from?
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
Max Reno (2 years ago)
ID on blue half zip sweater in the beginning of the video pls.
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
Jcrew! I showed it a few videos back on the main channel.
Roman DiFranco (2 years ago)
You should look into buying shirt stays, Maxx. They'd make you look neater so your shirt doesn't poof to the sides like that at your waist.
Joshua Fitness (2 years ago)
Next video: wardrobe essentials for your first office job ??
Kizzah363 (2 years ago)
aka his business casual everyday wear
Jamie Landers (2 years ago)
Joshua Fitness wait.. you said "first office job" nvm
Jamie Landers (2 years ago)
Joshua Fitness he quit that months ago
My Favorite Vegan (2 years ago)
Make a video on pants, please.
fiskenCPL (2 years ago)
3:54 When your ex passes by, so you have to pretend to be on the phone. Syke Maxx is forever alone.
Javier Velasco (2 years ago)
Hey Maxx, can you wear boots with polo shirt?
A R (2 years ago)
Javier Velasco makes no sense since it looks weather retarded
UrbanDanger ! (2 years ago)
Javier Velasco yes you can.
Roman DiFranco (2 years ago)
If it's tucked in, it's risky deepening on how big the logo is on the polo. Untucked looks sloppy.
yourmamahere (2 years ago)
I like the style maxx, I need to start buying more boots
Tommy (2 years ago)
i wanna knock boots with you max
Little Bill (2 years ago)
Where'd you buy the chinos from?
TallDarkNIndian (2 years ago)
Bro that's their "slimmest leg opening available" maxx everyone says youre bigger in person but idk now mang :(
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
Jcrew 484
TriggerHapySheep (2 years ago)
3:54 always gotta answer when that home page calls, right babe?
cory lovely (2 years ago)
its all in his third leg
SHIT FACE (2 years ago)
Maxx Chewning the thing I don't understand is you deadlift and squat so much, but your legs are skinny.:(
Maxx Chewning (2 years ago)
shhhhh you didn't see anything
Little Bill (2 years ago)
Max post more and consistently, your subscriber rate will grow
Jreich (2 years ago)
time to spend all my monies
Jreich (2 years ago)
awesome, thanks guys
Jared Hagen (2 years ago)
It looks a lot like one I have from Coach.
Sami Waheed (2 years ago)
Jreich it's coach
Jreich (2 years ago)
Also maxx, what brand leather jacket is that?
Chris4Fit (2 years ago)
More Lookbooks!!!! They are very helpful :)

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